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IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1 

The IRS needs two duplicates of Schedule 1. The form should be correctly completed and then handed over to the IRS along with the completed duplicate from Form 2290, at the time you complete the filing. In the return the IRS can stamp one the copies and then send the form back to you as evidence of your payment after you are able to register with the state of your vehicle(s) in a state-approved manner. After you have filed with the Form 2290 as well as the scheduling for large highway vehicles The IRS will digitally stamp one of the schedules, and then return it to you as a proof of HVUT payments.
Here's a summary of the specific details that are typically included in the IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1.

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Purpose of Form 2290:

Use Form 2290 to perform the following actions:
Calculate and pay the tax due on motorway vehicles in use during tax season and contain a tax-exempt gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.
You are required to pay tax on the vehicle that you previously filed the suspension report using an alternative Form 2290 in the event that your vehicle has exceeded the mileage limit for the past.
Make the payment of tax due within the timeframe of when the weight taxable of the vehicle has been increased and the vehicle is placed into an entirely newly weighted class.
You may claim a tax credit for the tax paid for vehicles taken or destroyed, or even sold. For a distance of 5,000 km or less (or 7500 miles less for agriculture vehicles).

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